CBL - effect lighting

The RGB wallwasher is installed as a top and bottom strip in the application. Thus an efficient effect lighting of the back wall in the shelf is realized. The RGB colours set the goods perfectly in scene and ensure better orientation and longer dwell time. Waterproof connectors provide continuous IP44 protection during electrical connection.

The CBL-RGB-BT wallwasher is designed for head or underbody lighting. The RGB – wallwasher is basically designed for installation in refrigerated shelves, but it can also be used in other areas for coloured effect lighting.

The product group offers the customer the possibility to put his goods and shelves in the limelight. In this way, individual product groups such as dairy products, meat and sausage products, cheese or even frozen products can be highlighted in colour in refrigerated shelves for better customer orientation. In addition, a very atmospheric and pleasant atmosphere is created. Due to the possibility of individual control, fast-reacting action campaigns can also be realised.

The CBL-RGB-BT also has all the advantages of the eyeconex light management:

Mesh function, timer function, group setting, scene setting, password protected, dimming with Bluetooth, light colours individually adjustable via Bluetooth.

Technical data sheet