Lighting for refrigerated cabinets

Our LED luminaires are flexible and designed specially to meet the exacting demands of retail life. We develop smart solutions, perfectly tailored to specific tasks, contexts, and purposes. In the food sector, we are active in the categories of ceiling, room, shelving, display, fresh-food counter, and refrigerated display. We consciously use luminaires aligned precisely with the geometry of the refrigerated cabinets. To present displays to best advantage, our range includes differing light distribution as well as white and special light colors for meat, cheese, and fish. No detail is too small, and each product group is bathed in the very best light.

SCL series

Maximum talent in mini format

The SCL product family was specially developed for use in refrigerated and deep refrigerated displays. The miniaturized design and the compact, edgeless housing make this cool little product almost invisible. This makes the strip perfect for cooling lighting where space is limited.

The small light strip is mounted in the upper area of service counters, on the underside of freezer combinations and in the handrail and guarantees uniformly bright and efficient illumination of the goods. Waterproof connectors provide IP44 protection throughout the electrical connection.

Test Test

LCR series

Modular use and easy installation

Its efficient design means that the LCR is deal for use in plug-in self service units, refrigerated display cases and island display freezers. It can be quickly integrated and installed horizontally as well as vertically.

The LCR is available in neutral white, cool white and fresh meat. Depending on the prevailing conditions, as well as the contents of the refrigeration cabinet, you can match the light colour to its specific product category. Also the refrigeration effect is enhanced by cool white lighting.

CBL series

Effect lighting: Control yourself – increase sales

The CBL-RGB-BT wallwasher is designed for head or underbody lighting. The RGB – wallwasher is basically designed for installation in refrigerated shelves, but it can also be used in other areas for coloured effect lighting. The product group offers the customer the possibility to put his goods and shelves in the limelight. In this way, individual product groups such as dairy products, meat and sausage products, cheese or even frozen products can be highlighted in colour in refrigerated shelves for better customer orientation. In addition, a very atmospheric and pleasant atmosphere is created. Due to the possibility of individual control, fast-reacting action campaigns can also be realised.

The CBL-RGB-BT also has all the advantages of the eyeconex light management: mesh function, timer function, group setting, scene setting, password protected, dimming with Bluetooth, light colours individually adjustable via Bluetooth.